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Updated : 2005-02-02
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Category: Windows Tools
SubCategory: Desktop Tools
Type: Freeware
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"Adapt those programs that don`t support Windows themes."

As your computer gets older, you might start thinking about updating the operating system. This can cause problems with data migration, and also push your hardware beyond its capabilities. There is also the associated costs that this might involve. If you just want to give your system a bit of a makeover, then you could try a desktop theme. However, if you are still using the Windows XP operating system (and many of you still are) then this presents a problem as XP won;t let you change. But have no fear, because XP Skins is here to help. As the name clearly indicates, XP Skins brings the solution to the problem of old software and applications that can't take advantage of the Windows XP themes (skins, visual styles, etc).

XP Skins is very simple to use. With only one mouse-click, you can change the appearance and graphic style of all programs, adapting them to Windows XP themes.

With XP Skins you can also decide to manually change just one program, for example the one you habitually use the most. And you can also undo the whole theme or just take it off certain programs of your choice.

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